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Trees are the lungs of the Earth

Trees are the lungs of the Earth

Trees are versatile and provide many essential benefits for life on Earth – including creating oxygen, providing shade, wind breaks, preventing soil erosion, and filter water through their root system and more. Trees are a renewable energy source and source or raw material for building, furniture, paper and more. Trees feed us with their fruit and provide sap for making syrup. They also provide shelter for birds and animals. In fact, approximately 80% of animal, plant, and insect species live in forests.

In addition to the food grown on trees, hundreds of millions of humans rely on forests for basic survival for firewood and shelter materials. Trees also provide employment. Over 80 million people work in jobs that are related to trees and tree products.

Still an estimated 18 million acres of trees are destroyed annually. This puts many species at risk of extinction as their habitat is lost. It also impacts the atmosphere as those trees no longer provide oxygen generation, no longer keep areas cool from their shade, no longer block soil erosion from wind and water. There are many different reasons for deforestation and they vary from place to place. For example, many areas of rain forest have been cut down to make way for palm oil and soy plantations. In America, many woodlands are raised and replaced with new housing neighborhoods. Globally, 40% of all timber is used to make paper products.

So what can you do to help? Plant a tree is a great way to start. Other small and easy steps include:

  • reducing your paper use – for example don’t print unneeded emails or excess pages, use scrap paper for lists, notes, etc.
  • increase recycling of paper and cardboard
  • buy products made from recycled content. Many great products are made from recycled content – check labels to find them
  • avoid products made with palm oil. A majority of palm oil production is done on land where forests – especially rainforests – have been cleared. Palm oil is an ingredient in many food products so check labels and consider alternative products. Some palm oil is sustainably produced and products that carry a sustainable palm oil certificate such as the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).
  • consider buying existing furniture, rather than new. Older furniture is often inexpensive and better made than inexpensive new versions. Wood furniture can be refurbished / refinished for a new look.
  • get educated and spread the word – if we all do a little it will add up to big changes.

You can also support organizations that fight deforestation. Visit their websites to learn more, make donations, or volunteer. Organizations that focus on sustainability and preventing deforestation include:

Remember, not all logging is harmful. . Sustainable forest management doesn’t mean never cutting trees down. Fires are actually necessary for certain trees to produce seedlings. When you know a little more about the , it becomes easier to understand what you read or hear about our natural world and our relationship with them. There is wonderful information on all of the organizations’ websites listed above.

Finally, get out an enjoy nature. Don’t wait for Earth Day. Every day can be Earth day. Studies show being in nature provides health benefits including stress reduction, improving mood, lowers blood pressure, and provides fun and enjoyment.

Want To Help People in Ukraine? Donate Extra Diabetes Supplies

Want To Help People in Ukraine? Donate Extra Diabetes Supplies

People living with diabetes face unique challenges during times of crisis. Diabetics need their medicine and supplies every day. Its not an option. But you can’t hop down to the pharmacy in a war zone or if you are fleeing to safety with only what you can carry.

The American Diabetes Association is a founding member of the Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition (DDRC). With help from our partners, they’ve developed processes and tools for crisis response. DDRC is now leveraging these resources to support our international colleagues.

You Can Help with Supplies or Funds

If you have unexpired and unopened diabetes supplies including in-date and unneeded insulin, test strips, meters, and other diabetes supplies, you can donate to Insulin For Life USA and these life-saving supplies will be distributed, free of charge, to international organizations serving Ukraine and surrounding countries. For details on donation items that can be donated, please view resources below: 

Insulin For Life USA IFL USA is fully licensed by the State of Florida to both receive and distribute medications for this purpose. All donations to the organization are tax-deductible in accordance with regulations.

Donate Kibble With a Click

Donate Kibble With a Click


As of late March, Freekibble.com has served over 26,913,201 nutritious meals to hungry dogs and cats and vaccinated over 227,000 shelter pets! You can help – with just a click. Answer a trivia question on the website and kibble will be donated – whether you got the answer right or not.

Kibble Plus

Become a Kibble Plus member and donate even more kibble! 

Founder Mimi Ausland and kibble sponsors: Halo, Purely for Pets, and our litter sponsor, Fresh Step, have delivered more than 27 million meals of premium pet food directly to animal shelters. Animal shelters use millions of pounds of cat litter. Donating litter to shelters enables them to spend the money saved on getting more cats adopted! Free Kibble has donated nearly 8.3 million scoops! of litter.

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Thank you veterans! Here’s a way to help homeless vets and their pets

Thank you veterans! Here’s a way to help homeless vets and their pets

The Greater Good network reports that over 1/2 million are homeless in the United States. 15% of these homeless are our Veteran’s. To many people – homeless our not – pets are our truest friends.  Unfortunately, homesless shelters rarely accomodate animals – keeping homeless veteran’s with pets out of shelters that provide safety, shelter and nurishment.

GreaterGood.org is working to change this. Their program Safe Haven in Philadelphia will be the first housing in the city for homeless vets that accomodates pets. You can help simply by clicking on the link at greatergood.org/project

Or donate directly to the program. Help keep our veterans and their pets stay out of the cold.


Donate Your Color by May 18th, 2017

Donate Your Color by May 18th, 2017

Celebrate the colors of spring and help Sherwin Williams transform rooms in needy communities across America with a fresh coat of paint. You can help without lifting a paintbrush. Check out the website Donate Your Color for easy ways you can donate your color online through May 18th. So hurry and make the world a more colorful place.