Want To Help People in Ukraine? Donate Extra Diabetes Supplies

Want To Help People in Ukraine? Donate Extra Diabetes Supplies

People living with diabetes face unique challenges during times of crisis. Diabetics need their medicine and supplies every day. Its not an option. But you can’t hop down to the pharmacy in a war zone or if you are fleeing to safety with only what you can carry.

The American Diabetes Association is a founding member of the Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition (DDRC). With help from our partners, they’ve developed processes and tools for crisis response. DDRC is now leveraging these resources to support our international colleagues.

You Can Help with Supplies or Funds

If you have unexpired and unopened diabetes supplies including in-date and unneeded insulin, test strips, meters, and other diabetes supplies, you can donate to Insulin For Life USA and these life-saving supplies will be distributed, free of charge, to international organizations serving Ukraine and surrounding countries. For details on donation items that can be donated, please view resources below: 

Insulin For Life USA IFL USA is fully licensed by the State of Florida to both receive and distribute medications for this purpose. All donations to the organization are tax-deductible in accordance with regulations.

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