Use spare home computing power to fight COVID-19

Use spare home computing power to fight COVID-19

Become a Citizen Scientist

Like the SETI at home project before it, Folding at home is a free, safe way for home computer users to provide additional computing cycles to solve difficult problems. Folding@home (FAH or F@h) is a distributed computing project run by Stanford University that spreads computations over many computers to shorten the timeframe needed to complete the task. Folding@home is one of the largest, most powerful, and most widely distributed computing networks. By adding your unused computing power, you become a citizen scientists helping scientists to solve complex problems.


The Folding at home project is helping researchers understand and fight the Coronavirus (COVID-19) by developing life-saving therapies. Download the Folding@Home software to donate your unused computational resources to the global community of scientists researching COVID-19.

sStandford folding at home
Standford University Folding at home project

Folding@home doesn’t interrupt your normal computer use

The Folding@home software runs while you do other things.

While you keep doing your everyday activities on your computer, your computer will also be working to help find cures for diseases like COVID-19, cancer, ALS, Parkinson’s, Influenza and many others.


Find the version of the software you prefer and get started. Downloading Folding@home is completely free, easy to install and safe to use.

But is it secure?

Run, by Standford University, with sponsorship from Intel, Google,NVIDIA, ATI, and many other respected companies, the FAH project is safe and easy for home users. The following is from the FAH website, “We have worked very hard to maintain the best security possible with modern computer science methodology. Our software will upload and download data only from our data server here at Stanford. Also, we only interact with FAH files on your computer (we don’t read, write, or transmit any other files, as we don’t need to do so and doing so would violate our privacy policy). The Cores are also digitally signed (see below) to make sure that you’re getting the true Stanford cores and nothing else.”

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