The Comfort of Your Own Front Door

The Comfort of Your Own Front Door makes made-to-measure decals made from photos of doors. They are simple to stick on to personalize any door. Dorm rooms are another great place to customize.  Or add some pizzaz to a boring blank apartment door. The truedoor decals can make it feel more like home.

Its a simple, fun, and fairly inexpensive way to personalize a door – whether its in a dorm room, an apartment, or a senior living facility.  The door stickers can be made to look like one of your own doors or choose from a library of door stickers.

Creating a door sticker that matches a senior’s former home door can help make a move to a senior living facility easier by providing some familiarity in strange surroundings. This can be especially useful for people with dementia.

The stickers are easy to apply and easy to remove. For more information check out

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