Who’s calling me?

Who’s calling me?


Who calls Me?
Source: Unsplash Matthew Kane

Even with the FTC do not call list and rules for spammy calls we still receive many calls from numbers we don’t know.  Before returning the call, check the number out. Simply put the number into Google’s search box – either with formatting (i.e. parentheses around the area code and dash in the middle) or just run all the numbers together. The results will usually show numerous websites that let you look up the phone number. Some require a fee, but several are free. Other websites such as http://www.allsnumbers.com, www.whocallsme.com , www.findwhocallsme.com , or www.shouldianswer.com include comments from others who’ve received calls from this same phone number. They also may show the location of the call’s origination and whether it is a landline or a mobile phone. Often there is enough information on the Google results page itself to help you decide if this call is of interest to you.

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