Help preserve history with your keyboard

Help preserve history with your keyboard

Ohio MemoryOHIO MEMORY is just one historical resource that is seeking volunteers to transcribe handwritten documents. You can help transcribe untold stories of Ohioans from the past. Transcribing is simple—just type what you see! The site provides instructions. No experience or special equipment is needed. The original document is scanned and displays on the left and an entry window is available to type into on the right. You can easily zoom in on the scanned documents for a better view. The documents are divided into single pages or facing pages. You can select to transcribe a single page or as many as you like. This lets you control the amount of time and effort you want to volunteer. OHIO MEMORY users will appreciate any and all help.

Why transcribe already scanned documents? It’s much easier to find and search for these handwritten materials online when they include transcriptions. Your efforts in transcribing historical documents are a direct way to helping save and share the ordinary and extraordinary experiences of past Ohioans. Learn more at

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